Crowley, the Plague Baron - Brutality Board Game Character

This is a concept design for a figure/character that will come with the new board game, BRUTALITY, now on Kickstarter!

Crowley, Plague Baron (Utility) 20 HP & 3 MS
Consumed by the plague unleashed on his provincial town, but kept alive by relics, Crowley the plague Baron lived - while the rest of his friends and family perished from the flesh consuming disease. Crowley wields the contagion blade, carries a bag of plague infected body parts, and unleashes a flesh consuming pox upon enemies. His only companions are the near-carrion-looking rats that survived the plague with him. The Plague Baron wanders the world in search of the bastards that carried the plague-infected corpses into his beloved town, so that he may bring them to justice. “I am the commander of the plague, and where I go, death follows.”

March 13, 2018