Ophelia, The Conjurer - Brutality Board Game Character

This is a concept design for a figure/character that will come with the new board game, BRUTALITY, now on Kickstarter!


Ophelia, The Conjurer (Damage/Utility) 16 HP & 3 MS
Ophelia the Conjurer is a powerful psychic that uses Saint Martin’s severed head to summon ghosts from the spirit realm, and commands them to fight. She holds the severed (talking, unfortunately) Saint’s head and the fallen Saint's blade. The God Killer decapitated Saint Martin to give Ophelia a way to amplify her necrotic psychic abilities. She rarely speaks, and when she does, it is usually with the dead, who are far more interesting than the living. The Saint, however, never ceases to remind her of his plight. Her reanimated dead cat has also been following her around since her childhood.

March 6, 2018