RANG’OTH, Demon King - Brutality Board Game Character

This is a concept design for a figure/character that will come with the new board game, BRUTALITY, now on Kickstarter!


Check out the beautiful sculpt by Kolby Jukes!


RANG’OTH, Demon King (BRUTE) 27 HP and 3 MS
One of the last remaining Demons to live through the Great Culling, the Demon King survived and came into power of a city-state due to his savage ruthlessness. He guards and commands Urkthil with an iron and blood-soaked fist, and the people of Urkthil fear and respect him for it. Regions surrounding Urkthil have never conquered the region due to the harsh, icy terrain and brutal warriors raised there… and with a Demon Monarch, that prospect became even less appealing. His sword is the coffin lid of the king he conquered when he came to power. “Fear. Respect. Brutality. Live those truths and you will go far under my reign.”

March 16, 2018