Ronan, the Grave Keeper- BRUTALITY Board Game Character

This is a concept design for a figure/character that will come with the new board game, BRUTALITY, now on Kickstarter!

Ronan, The Grave Keeper (Utility) 20 HP and 3 MS
A solemn knight with a penchant for morbid traditions, the Grave Keeper buries the dead and, on occasion, the living. His family has interred lords and monarchs for thousands of years within the monasteries and graveyards of Corsul, the City of the Dead. Not only does he guard the crypts from thieves and relic hunters, but he re-inters the dead crawling from the grave. “You would think the City of the Dead would be less lively. Corpse thieves, the dead reanimating… it is my solemn oath to keep Corsul sacred and ensure everyone remains resting eternally.”

March 6, 2018